Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fulham pay tribute to MJ with thrilling display

Prior to Fulham's match against Blackpool, a statue of legendary pop star, and friend of chairman Mohammed Al Fayed, Michael Jackson, was unveiled at Craven Cottage and there is definitely nothing funny about the statue.

yes this really is the statue. honestly.

Al Fayed has taken some abuse for the statue but told one journalist
 "if you have a problem, you better not come around here, don't wanna see your face you better disappear."
Or Words to that effect. It's only human nature that some people would be against the idea but Al Fayed is convinced it will prove to be a big attraction for fans all over the UK, who will remember the time he once watched a game at Craven Cottage. It's probably a bad idea to erect a statue for an alleged paedophile who was clearly off the wall, it must have been a tough decision to make Michael black or white. I should not say too much because I don't wanna be starting something that will get people angry and upset, I should really stop judging people so much and have a long talk with the man in the mirror.

If you are wondering about the game, Fulham won 3-0. Smooth criminal Bobby Zamora scored two with Damien Duff getting the third.