Friday, 29 April 2011

Footballer kills owl in panama / wtf

A footballer who goes by the name of Luis Moreno and looks like this (according to Google):

has been fined a whole bunch of Pesos for literally kicking an owl. On the pitch.  The Daily Mail says:

The city's Office for the Environment (DAMAB) slapped a 26.78 million Colombian peso (£9,080) fine, equivalent to 50 times Colombia's minimum wage, on Moreno on Wednesday. 
Moreno will also have to meet costs of 600,000 pesos for treatment of the owl, which died two days after the kicking incident, make a public apology to the city and do community work at the local zoo, DAMAB director Humberto Mendoza told the local daily newspaper El Tiempo. 
Arsene Wenger hasn't been in the news for the past couple of days either so I really hope the two things aren't related.  Moreno actually kicked the owl after it was hit by a football during a Colombian football match, and though my knowledge of Columbia, owls, and football for that matter, is very limited, what I do know is that you don't want to piss off the people who live there.  Still, I know a few people who have always wanted to work in a zoo and it's really, really hard to get a job there.  The last qualification I and they would have thought you'd need was 'experienced owl kicker' but like I said, I don't know everything.  I mean, who do you think I am, Ross Kemp?