Saturday, 9 April 2011

FC Porto batter Benfica and it's lights out for the season

Imagine the world's most boring season and you might come close to this years Liga Zon Sagres (Portuguese top league), which has effectively been over since Christmas. FC Porto officially won the league with a 2-1 win over bitter rivals Benfica.

"Why is this so easy i'm so bored!" screams Falcao
FC Porto are currently unbeaten after 25 games and have amassed 71 points. That breaks down to 23 wins and 2 draws. To make it even more ridiculous, their "rivals" Benfica are 2nd with 55 points and that is 15 points clear of Braga who are 3rd. What a completely fucking stupid excuse for a league.  Benfica took the defeat are their home ground, the Stadium of Light, with grace and dignity. After watching the Porto players celebrating the league win on their turf, they quickly put an end to the festivities by turning off the lights and turning on the sprinklers.

With the season all but done and dusted, Benfica officials defended their actions by saying that with the countries economy being tits up, they merely turned off the lights to save some Euros, whilst the sprinklers were required as they are soon to be using their pitch to graze cattle. Those bovines need to be grass fed if they are to fetch top dollar. Tough times in Portugal indeed.