Friday, 15 April 2011

The entire world is against Rangers

Rangers have been accused of sectarian chants again. And they, of course are not guilty, again.

UEFA are to look into chants that were heard in both legs in the Europa UEFA Cup Winners Cup games against PSV. Rangers' Chief Executive Martin Bain is shocked and appalled that Rangers, the world's most loveable club with the best fans in the world, who never do anything wrong could possible be accused of this.

great bunch of lads
A couple of my favourite quotes from Bain

"We have never said that sectarian singing is not a problem, but this now has all the hallmarks of a deliberate and targeted campaign against the club.
"We are absolutely astounded by this latest development and will defend our club's position very, very vigorously."
Now I wasn't at the game so I can only go on my personal experience and every Rangers game I have been to, the fans have been exemplary. The songs are usually about holding hands with Catholics around a campfire, with tales of unicorns and rainbows and a magical world where all of Ireland is united and people knit each other jumpers and share potato cakes.