Sunday, 10 April 2011

English players are expensive

Wonderkid Jack Wilshere is being lined up by Man City for a massive summer move according to The News of The World, and they would know because they spy on people!

£40 million is the price being thrown around and apparently they want to offer the 19 year old £100,000 a week to play football for them.  A week.  To play football.  Arsenal might as well just suck it up because £40 million probably pays off a large chunk of their stadium and then they can just play Jens Lehman in midfield.  To put this into perspective it costs about £250 million to send a rocket into outer space to explore, you know, planets and stuff like that.  Or you could buy 6.25 Jack Wilsheres.  Christ, for the amount of money the Sheikh at Man City has he could buy Paul Scholes and send him to the fucking moon.  That's one way to win a league - you can't lose a game if all your rival players are on the moon.  It's fool proof!  In saying that, I'm sure Paul Ince would find a way to still get relegated.