Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dutch Goalkeeper........of weed

Gino Coutinho, a professional Goal Keeper for ADO Den Haag in Holland and owner of an extremely cool name, has been on trial for owning a large cannabis farm.

Gino (he even sounds like a gangster) is living up to his name by also being accused of involvement in money laundering and forgery.  His father William has already been sentenced for two years for the same thing so at last he is making his Dad proud.  Allegedly.  

Coutinho is going down the good old tried and tested method of telling the police has has nothing to do with the business of farming marijuana plants and has no idea what's going on, despite the warehouse being registered in his name and that fact he was actually there with his girlfriend when the Police arrived.  It doesn't work when you are 13 years old and your Mum catches you stealing money from her purse so chances are it definitely won't work when your Dad is already convicted and you are caught on site with 4,200 plants.  By the police.  Sorry Gino, I got grounded so you are probably going to jail.