Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Detective Quinn is on the case

Niall Quinn has promised fans a full inquest into just why Sunderland have been so poor in recent weeks. If Sunderland continue their poor run of form they may just be sucked into a relegation fight.
"Once we get through this, we will look back to see what might have been done differently, how we might have improved things................and look at our transfer policy collectively"
it's an investigation, see?!
Don't worry Inspector, I have already started the research for you. Firstly your manger isn't very good, Steve Bruce for some reason has built himself a good reputation but he hasn't actually done anything as a manger. Unless you count spending shit loads of money building extremely mediocre teams deserving of some accolade.

As well as not having a very good manager, you also do not have a very good team and sold easily your best player and guaranteed goal scorer Darren Bent. Gyan has flashes of brilliance now and again but if you actually watch him for 90minutes, which I assume Quinn does, he never really looks arsed. Four of their best players are also loan players, Welbeck, Onuoha, Mensah and Muntari.

Lee Cattermole is your captain. Lee Cattermole, a man who seems to think that being captain means you have to try and be sent off in every single game to show that you're "up for it".

Sunderland are exactly where they should be. 13th sounds pretty much spot on if you ask me. Case closed.