Sunday, 3 April 2011

David Moyes to be chewed out by the toffees

Depending on what Newspaper you read, David Moyes is either going to be fired or quit Everton at the end of this season.

One thing that seems to be for certain is that Everton,  financially, are up shit creek. In fact they have gone right down the creek and have reached the shit sea.  The club are looking to cash in on Jack Rodwell, Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini, as well as getting a few top earners off the wage bill to make some dents into their £40m debt.

Their debt is only £40m? Bunch of pussies, Man Utd's debt is about $1trillion and they still fork out millions for homeless people. Club Insider, popular name in football it seems these days, said this
"it's been a tough ride for David and it's only going to get can only fight against the tide for so long"
Moyes getting the sack might actually be the best thing possible for the club. I am actually Everton in football manager and just won the Champions League in my third season and Bill Kenwright if you are reading this,  I will be available at the end of this summer. The first thing I will do is give Tony Hibbert the number 10 shirt and get him secured on a 5 year deal on £100,000 a week. This is our club, this is our vision, I don't know what I'm talking about. BELIEVE!