Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dalglish wants criminals in Liverpool / oxymoron

According to the Daily Mail, Liverpool want to sign everyone's favourite reformed criminal 'Joey Barton' - that same gentleman found guilty of beating a man half to death outside McDonalds, stubbing a cigar out in a young man's eyes and kicking the absolute shit out of a certain Mr Dabo while they were both players at Man City:

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is considering a £5million move for Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton.
Dalglish has long followed the 28-year-old's progress and, while he recognises such a move would be controversial, he believes Barton's ability merits serious consideration.
Dalglish wants to bring in around six signings this summer, with Blackburn's Phil Jones, Blackpool's Charlie Adam, Aston Villa's Ashley Young and Stewart Downing and Ipswich's Connor Wickham among his targets. 
He is keen to return a strong British identity to the squad and sees room for Barton's feisty style.
 I can see nothing that can go wrong in this story.  Barton is obviously a reformed character now who would never lay a hand on anyone, except for when he punched Morten Gamst Pederson some time this season, and as my friend Jesus says, you have to learn to forgive and forget.  I expect Jesus was never beaten up by an inebriated scouser outside a fast food restaurant so this lesson may not be applicable here... but then again I haven't read the bible because it's all bollocks anyway.