Sunday, 17 April 2011

Arsene Wenger is really happy

Wise old owl, Arsene Wenger, had to suck it up this evening as he watched Arsenal throw away more points!

Liverpool played a nine year old at right back and his little sister at left back after an injury to Aurelio in the 16th minute or close to that, but despite this being their combined 4th appearance in the Premier League, Arsenal thought it best to pass the ball around for 107 minutes and not ever try and shoot.  Jamie Carragher got sleepy half way through and was carried off to his bed, though replays later showed that actually he got head-butted very hard in the face.  In the resulting 8 minutes of injury time Robin Van Persie scored a penalty and then in the 11th minute Eboue joined in the fun and tripped over Lucas, fouling him in the process.  Kuyt scored a penalty to make it 1-1, Kenny Dalglish laughed and then told Wenger to "piss off, go on fuck off" and Alex Ferguson urinated all over the chairs in the Emirates from laughing so much.  Probably.