Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Andrey Arshavin is probably moving home. Simples

Tiny Russian, Mr Arshavin, is going to be shipped off to Zenit St Petersburg to command the communist uprising against the evil west.  Or possibly just to play football for them, who knows?!

From The Daily Mirror:

Andrey Arshavin could be on his way back to Zenit St Petersburg this summer.
The Russian club have confirmed they would happily take the striker off Arsenal’s hands if the Gunners decide to sell him.
Zenit’s sporting director Igor Korneev said: “Zenit’s doors are always open for Andrey.
“If his situation at Arsenal does not improve and he’s not comfortable in London, we can study this issue in time for next season.”

And what a terrible situation he must be in in London; one of the world's most bustling and diverse cities, earning £80,000 a week, occasionally playing football for one of the slickest sporting outfits there is, especially when compared to the luxurious utopia and always scorchingly hot nation of Russia; a place so incredibly depressed that even Jason Bourne looked bored.  Arshavin is similar in ways to Euro 96 syndrome players like Karel Poborsky that played amazingly in an International tournament, got their pay check and then decided they would like to be somewhere else.  The Russian forward was linked with Barcelona a year or two ago, but then they bought David Villa, who is a little better.  Perhaps this is what fuelled his hatred for the capitalist pigs and the whole fiasco has been a spy mission!  Alert the prime minister, the Kremlin march at midnight.  Or something else verging on the edge of racism.