Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Aaron Lennon may be a kid but he ain't no scapegoat

Aaron Lennon obviously went to the beach in Spain because he woke up today with a lot of sand in his vagina.
what do gay goats eat? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
After the game last night Harry Redknapp was quoted saying
"We lost Aaron Lennon just as the teams were walking on to the pitch. He didn't feel well enough to play, so we had to change that straight away."
This did not go down well with Aaron Lennon who, despite his terrible grasp of the English language, made his feelings clear on twitter.
"saying i fell ill be4 the game is bull**** i fell ill on sunday morning where the med team put me on anti botics, but only got worse b4 tues" 
"believe me this is 1 game i did no wnt to miss and still devo now!!!! but will not be made a scapegoat saying they only knew jus b4 K O"
So where do things go from here? Will there be a big fight between old melty-face Redknapp and little legs Lennon? Will the Spurs squad be ripped apart after failing in the Champions League and looking pretty far off the pace in the race for the fourth Champions League place? Or will Harry just apologise and the whole thing will just go down as a big misunderstanding.
"No-one is blaming Aaron for not playing. He's been fantastic for us. I've got no problems with the kid whatsoever"

Oh. That was pointless