Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Objects made of glass invariably break

Hot steaming freshly baked news today that Jonathan Woodgate is injured and most likely out for the rest of the season, Robin Van Persie also took a knock but reports are he will be fit for Arsenal this weekend.

a priceless photograph of both players on the pitch at the same time
"it's not good news. it's a huge blow for both him and the club"
I'm sure Spurs fans will be devastated, that one appearance Woodgate made this a sub, will be forever burned into our memory. Woodgate was always one of those players who made you think "I can't believe he's only (insert age). He is now 31. Woodgate was in line for the subs bench against former club Real Madrid, for whom he scored an own goal and got sent off on what was probably the funniest debut I have ever seen.

And so onto RVP, it's that time of the year again, Arsenal turn to shit, Van Persie get's injured and Barcelona start the foreplay with Cesc Fabregas again. Chin up, at least you have Jens Lehman back.