Monday, 28 March 2011

Mario Balotellibly behaved

Mario Balotelli in his short career has successfully become one of the most entertaining players on and off the football field.

Wearing a giant glove on his head, struggling with the physics of bib application and a particular fondness for red cards, Balotelli is the new cartoon villian of the Premier League.

He has been warned he needs to grow up if he is ever to get into the Italian senior team.
Balotelli reacted accordingly by throwing darts at Man City's youth players beacause he was "bored".

The club responded with
"the matter will be dealt with internally"
Yes I DID eat all the pies
With Balotelli's respect for Mancini equal to that of Michael Johnson's (former wonder kid) for his waistline, don't expect any disciplinary measures to have any effect on mental Mario's quest to become football's number one nut job