Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Johan Cruyff is God

Ajax haven't been famous since 1995 but they made the news after their entire board of directors and chairman resigned after a fall out with club legend Johan Cruyff 

thou shall name a turn after me
Chairman Uri Coronel was quoted saying
"Johan Cruyff is not just anyone. He's a demi-god here, or maybe a whole god." 
Unbelievably considering the lack of challengers at the top of the league, Ajax haven't won the title since 2004. It is understood that the decisions were made to step down after Mr Cruyff said, "wow, we are really, really shit."

Embarrassingly for the team from Amsterdam, last years league champions were FC Twente from Enschede, even more embarrassingly nobody knew there was even a city in Holland called Enschede.