Monday, 28 March 2011

Diouf - Gentleman and Scholar

Loved by fans and referees alike, El-Hadji Diouf has spoken out about the obvious ill treatment and mis-justice he received from referee Calum Murray in the Scottish League Cup Final.

In between trying to find a cure for AIDS, building schools in Africa and providing a home to hundreds of  abandoned animals,  Diouf still found time to reflect on Murrays performance:
"You have to say the ref messed up the game with cards flying everywhere. I know it must be tough for him but still, I guess some refs find it hard to handle these type of games."
After being kicked all over the park due to the Celtic players obvious jealousy of Diouf's fashion style, the Senegalese star was given a yellow card upon suggesting that Neil Lennon should try a new hairstyle.  Lennon, proud of his short ginger looks, reacted angrily which he later admitted was a side effect of his medication for bawbagitis.

The injustice does not end there. As the final whistle sounded El-Hadji approached Murray to discuss and reflect on the game. Unable to take constructive criticism, Mr Murray gave Diouf his marching orders.
"At the end I told the ref he was the worst ref I've ever had so he gave me another card."
The good news is a petition started by UNICEF with over one million signatures has been given to the SFA to clear his good name. We expect a reply within two weeks.