Thursday, 31 March 2011

Black People Need Help

According to Gordon Taylor, PFA Chief Executive, black football managers need positive discrimination in order to get those top jobs:

"I don't know what I'm doing"

Black British managerial hopefuls should be interviewed for vacant posts as of right to tackle discrimination in football, according to Gordon Taylor.
The Professional Footballers' Association chief said he would back the introduction of a new regulation modelled on the NFL's 'Rooney Rule'.
Under this rule, teams must interview minority candidates for senior posts.
Paul Ince of Notts County and Chris Powell of Charlton are the only black bosses currently at league clubs.
While sadly there probably is quite a lot of racism amongst the dinosaurs in the PFA who consistently over-look such upcoming talents like errrr Paul Ince and..... ermmm.... Chris Powell?...  I for one can't help but point out that positive discrimination is still racist and just because a middle class, ex-football player is black, it does not mean that being fast tracked into national level management will level the playing field.  Besides, if there is anything that my Uncle taught me, it's that those guys can run really fast and there are too many of them living on his street.