Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Banana Man reveals his identity

So it would appear that banana-gate is over with a German tourist admitting to being the banana bandit.

It was obvious to most that the majority of Scots had only ever had banana in a milkshake from McDonalds, so the likelihood of a fan having purchased the offending fruit was slim at best and we were right.
"After consultation with the Metropolitan police Arsenal Football Club can confirm that a German teenage tourist has admitted throwing a banana onto the pitch"
The police have also decided that there was also no racist intent and the matter as far as they are concerned is closed. Fair enough, I mean, it's not like he threw a banana at a black person, that's definitely not racist, in fact he is so not racist that he knew he could throw the banana at a black person and show how far racism in football has come, that it's no longer racist.....to throw a banana at a black person.

In the teenagers defence, it's not like the Germans are famous for their persecution of ethnic minorities.