Monday, 28 March 2011

Appiah ain't Appi

Ghana star Stephen Appiah has been outspoken on underspoken Fabio Capello's decision to rest several of England's key players for the upcoming friendly between the 2 nations:

Appiah, 30, told BBC Sport: "It's like they are underrating the game."  Ghana have sold a remarkable 21,000 tickets for their first ever match against England, the largest official away allocation Wembley has ever seen for an international but many Black Stars fans will have bought their tickets unaware they would end up watching a half-strength England team.  Capello of course doesn't care, because he gets paid a shit load of money to do ten eighths of fuck all.  "ROONEY GOES UP FRONT" is just one of many decisions that requires hours of meticulous study in the England manager's office.

As Appiah says, it is many of the Ghanaian players' dreams to play against someone like Frank Lampard, and you know life has been tough when that's what you aspire to.  England's players on the other hand have always dreamed of the day that they finally get to retire and can be a pundit on MOTD.