Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Andy Carroll enjoys a beer or two.....

In perhaps one of the most shocking stories of recent times, it turns out Andy Carroll, from Newcastle, enjoys a beer
showing off his broken hands after punching Taylor in his huge head
Fabio Capello has told Carroll to cut back on the boozing in order to improve as a footballer and to keep him out of trouble. Carroll has already been involved in various violent incidents, including breaking team mate Steven Taylors jaw after he had told him he wasn't doing himself any favours by having a girls name and a pony tail.
"he needs to improve, to drink less"
Capello said but drinking obviously didn't affect Carroll's performance tonight as he scored his first goal in an England shirt. Fabio needs to stop fretting, fellow Tynesider Paul Gascoigne was also a young star of English football who enjoyed a beer or two and look how he ended up. Nothing to worry about.