Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Alan Pardew confident of summer funds

Everyone's favourite cockney manager Alan Pardew is 100% confident that he will have money to spend in the Summer to improve his Newcastle side:

Expect to see this exact picture multiple times in about 1 month

Liverpool paid £35m to sign Andy Carroll on the final day of the January transfer window, a sum Pardew hopes can swell his summer coffers.
"Mike Ashley has made that commitment that the money will go back into the club," Pardew told BBC Newcastle.
"I'm sure 100% that he will and it's my challenge to spend the money wisely."

Pardew took time out of his day calculating how best to relegate Premier League clubs to add:

He explained: "In terms of the transfers, when I came in here, I said: 'Look, you've obviously got a scouting system here, but the rubber stamp has to come from me.'

When you look back at the last transfers that Ashley oversaw then you can understand Pardew's assertion that he is in control.  I remember the day very well that Kevin Keegan signed all the players he wanted - Xisco, some Uruguayan winger that never played - and that worked out well for him.  Pardew's track record as a brilliant tactician goes hand in hand with his brilliant transfer policies and player swoops.  This is the man that just didn't think Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez were quite ready to play in the Premier League.  That year that West Ham did REALLY well in the Premier League.  And where are those players now, I hear you ask?  Nobody knows.  Scholars maintain that their whereabouts are lost somewhere deep between the Bible and the Loch Ness monster.